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Suits to performance.

Performance of the Moscow Art theatre of A.P.Chekhov. Director is Nikolay Skorik. The scenic artist is Marina Sokolova. Production in 1989. These clothes are executed in workshops of the Moscow Art theatre. The photos of clothes are made in 1998.
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  • Fantastic clothes of this children's performance do not belong to any historical epoch and in many respects resemble carnival. They are executed in workshops of the Moscow Art theatre on almost lost technology.

  • At creation of fantastic conditions of performance artist Marina Sokolova made a start from a historical atmosphere of Germany of 16-th century.

  • Rare materials such as a church brocade and laces of manual weaving are used alongside with the fabrics widespread today - shiffon, atlas, velvet and brocade which nevertheless excellent are combined among themselves by unusual patterns due to thin feeling and skill of the artist. For example, the shiffon painted manually, is wonderfully combined with a brocade.

  • Clothes in the basis have the simple cover however do not leave impression of simplicity. Many of them represent multilayer clothes though actually it are a single whole, and the problem of changing clothes of actors thus is solved during performance. The internal silhouette of all clothes is very simple and consequently is convenient for actors.
The description:
The scenic image is not only the actor. Actually, the actor on a stage - concentration of efforts of all theatrical collective, including and the artist of a stage (of artist of theatre (of theater)). Both a suit, and a make-up, and illumination, and scenery , and accordingly, a work of the dresser, the make-up artist, the lighting operator, etc. is an initial point for creation of an image by the actor (except for director's decisions). Scenographic style (the scenography, design creative work, scenographic art) dictates to the executor of a role scenic behaviour. The scenograph frequently unites in itself designer of costume (of suit) and the designer of scenery (scene-painter, scene-designer). The set designer costs closer to the director of performance and determines structure, kind of production. He is a founder of a show. It on his art taste (culture) depends: there will be a spectator success at scenic performance or will not be. Theatrical painting has the peculiarity. The drawing (image) on scenery close seems by rough daub, however from auditorium it looks unusually picturesque and fine.

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