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"Chopiniana". Ballet of the Stanislavski and Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Academic Music Theatre. Soloists: Svetlana Tsoy, Lyudmila Shipulina, Kadria Amirov and Victor Dik.

  Publications. Ballet "Chopiniana".

"Nutcracker". Performance of the theatre "Imperial ballet" by Gediminas Taranda (Moscow). In the main parties: Vitautas Taranda, Vera Timashova and Alexander Gorbatsevich.

  Publications. "Nutcracker". Performance of the theatre "Imperial ballet".

"The story of Romeo and Juliet". Performance of the theatre Moscow Classical Ballet by Natalya Kasatkina and Vladimir Vasilyov. In the main roles: Romeo - Stanislav Isaev, Juliet - Yekaterina Maksimova.

  Publications. Yekaterina Maksimova in a role of Juliet.

"Creation of the World". Performance of the theatre Moscow Classical Ballet by Natalya Kasatkina and Vladimir Vasilyov. In the main roles: Adam - Stanislav Isaev, Eve - Yekaterina Maksimova.

  Publications. "The Creation of the World" in Moscow Classical Ballet.

The description:
The description of page: Musical academic opera and ballet theatre - indispensable attribute of the large cultural center of Russia. A basis for Russian musical school (the musical form) is classical music. Aesthetic language of theatrical performance of an opera and ballet genre is very various. The attitude to these genres (at least of russian public) too different. The choreographic art have the greatest preference. Harmony of symphonic sounding and plastics of dancing movements in performances, the performing technics of dancers (for example, of ballerina), and even simply a classicism, severity of a stage influences theatre-goers (admirers of a ballet muse of the Terpsichore). But the greatest success, certainly, belongs to classic ballet with traditional elements of a choreography: with the pas de deux and variations, national and household dancings, with pantomimical scenes where the facial gesture and gesture show quite independent language of messages - and, at last, with an aesthetics of past culture of romanticism. Recently (ten - fifteen years ago already, probably) opera art in Russia has appreciably heightened and began to cause the increasing interest in the public (the truth, looking what now to count by Russia...) Stylistics of opera performance, perhaps, in a lesser degree is a show and in the greater - music and singing. The vocal art (in opera understanding of this word is arias, monologues, recitatives, duets, trios, and also chorus), unfortunately, yet does not cause the same big attention of spectators, as choreography. Conductor what in one harmonious beginning unites orchestra's musicians, chorus and soloists, is the master of opera action influences cleanliness of musical style, determines chorus's work, success or unsuccess of the singers, the artist, the choreographer, etc. Much depends on his of musical and general culture. There can be therefore meanwhile it is not everywhere goes...


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