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"Chopeniana". Stanislavski and Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Academic Music Theatre.

"Nutcracker". "Imperial ballet" (Moscow).

"The story of Romeo and Juliet". Moscow Classical Ballet. In main role is Yekaterina Maksimova.

"Creation of the World". Moscow Classical Ballet. In main role is Yekaterina Maksimova.


"Golden key". Lenkom Theatre (Moscow).

"Dictatorship of conscience". Lenkom Theatre (Moscow).

"My Life, or you have dreamt me?.." (About Sergey Yesenin and Isadora Duncan). The Yermolova Theatre (Moscow).

 of scenic design 

"Undine". Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre. Theatrical clothes.

The exhibition "Results of seasons. 1992 - 1997". Theatrical artists.

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Musical academic opera and ballet theatre (theater) - indispensable attribute of the large cultural center of Russia. A basis for Russian musical school (the musical form) is classical music. Concert programs, gala concerts, the divertisements consisting from duet and solo dances or exercises of an ballet ensemble, as large performances with replacement of acts, actions, pictures and scenery. But the greatest success, certainly, belongs to ballet and to classical opera. Drama art is a genre of psychological creative work. The school of scenic action of Russian theatre (theater) of a drama is called as Stanislavsky system, and style of game by realistic. But today cultural life of Moscow (art) goes to another. All has mixed up. Comedy and tragedy (comic and tragical) now are united. The melodrama turns to farce and buffoonery. The repertory (repertoire) of theatres replenishes with musicals and parodies. The scenography (scenographic style, design, scenographic art) dictates to the executor of a role scenic behaviour. The set designer (the scenograph frequently unites in itself designer of costume and the designer of scenery) costs closer to the director of performance and determines structure, kind of production. He is a founder of a show. It on his art taste (culture) depends: there will be a spectator success at scenic performance or will not be.


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