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"Dictatorship of conscience". Performance of the Lenkom Theatre (Moscow). In roles: Oleg Yankovsky, Aleksandr Abdulov, Evgeny Leonov, Elena Fadeeva, Aleksandr Zbruev, Aleksandra Zaharova, Aleksandr Vsevolod Larionov, Aleksandr Sirin, Viktor Koretsky, etc.

  Publications. "Dictatorship of conscience". The Lenkom Theatre (Moscow).

"Golden key". Performance for children of the Lenkom Theatre (Moscow). In main role is Lyudmila Lisova.

  Publications. "Golden key". Performance of the Lenkom Theatre (Moscow).

" My Life, or you have dreamt me?.." (About Sergey Yesenin and Isadora Duncan). The Yermolova Theatre (Moscow). In roles: Sergey Bezrukov and Olga Selezneva.

  Publications. Sergey Bezrukov in a role of poet Sergey Yesenin.

The description:
Drama art (art of the Melpomene) is a genre of psychological creative work. The school of scenic action of Russian theatre (theater) of a drama is called as Stanislavsky system, and style of game by realistic. But today cultural life of Moscow (culture and art) goes to another. All has mixed up. Comedy and tragedy now are united... A melodrama turns to farce and buffoonery. The repertoire of theatres replenishes with musicals and parodies. In photo is portraits (images) of actors and actresses on theatrical stage, their executions in productions of repertory (repertoire) theatres (theaters) of Moscow, and also the genre scenes of performances are presented. Pictures (photographic images, photographies) basically is black-and-white. Photographing (shooting) was made during theatrical performance. The photographer tried to fix individual creative person, virtuosity and improvisation of the executor and to catch except a mask of the actor (histrionic facial gesture and gestures) his improvisation, and also stylistics (an aesthetics of theatricality) of production.


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