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The two-act ballet on Peter Chaikovsky's music.

Performance of the theatre "Imperial ballet " under management of Gediminas Taranda. The photos are made on January, 3 and 4, 1996 from auditorium of the Moscow theatre of Variety. In main roles: Masha - Vera Timashova, Prince - Alexander Gorbatsevich, Drosselmeier - Vitautas Taranda.

The performance "Nutcracker"

All these ballet pas: pirouette, fouette, jumps glissade, graceful arabesque, cabriole, battement, pas de bourree, croise, masterly rotations, jete, plie, attitude, various figures, positions, poses, histrionic gestures and facial gestures, solo numbers, duet, adagio, variation and codes from a pas de deux, pas de trois or grand pas, divertisement, virtuosity, romantic pictures, mimic scenes and melodic plastic of the academic choreographic parties, the symphonic grace executed by dancing soloists, and also corps de ballet, everything, that is interesting to the spectator, it is possible to find in photos of the site devoted to ballet performances. Dancers-mans and the dancers-womans (ballerina) show masterly dancing technicsIt is combined with academism of strict plastic harmony of a classical choreography of musical theatre (theater).


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