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Meanwhile impressions turn out only.

Leningrad drama actor Vladimir Osobik. The book of Zoja Kravchuk, excerpts from the performance, performances on TV /video/.

  Publications. Vladimir Osobik.

Illustrations of artist Nikolay Kalinin to Teofil Gaultier's book "Travel to Russia".

  Publications. Illustrations to Teofil Gaultier's book "The travel to Russia".

Figure skating. Toller Cranston. Choreographic performances. /video/. Art Gallery.

  Publications. Toller Cranston.

Actor Aleksey Konsovsky. Excerpts from the films.

  Publications. Aleksey Konsovsky.

Mime Boris Amarantov. Excerpts from soviet movies and tv shows. Interview.

  Publications. Boris Amarantov.

Russian - Soviet film actor's. Actor's of the foreign cinema. Postcard's of the Soviet Union and of the Eastern Germany - German Democratic Republic (1940 - 1980).

  Publications. Actors of the soviet and foreign cinema. Postcards (1940 - 1980).


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