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"Golden key".

The drama performance for children of the Lenkom Theatre (Moscow). The play by Alexey Tolstoy. Staging by Sergey Stein and Igor Talankin. Verses by Valentin Berestov. Production and music by Sergey Stein. Production designer Mili Vinogradov. The ballet master is Galina Shakhovskaya. The photos are made on December, 31, 1986.

The performance "Golden key"
Daddy Karlo - Vladimir Sergeev, Buratino - Ludmila Lisova

It happened on December, 31 at 10 o'clock in the morning. Two lonely adult figures towered in the middle of the sea of children's heads. Where there were other adults - not clear. The chilling horror covered at idea, that now it will be necessary to take out the camera. To them to not explain, that the person should sit a face to a stage. However not to the opposite side.

The hall continued to make a din, when on a stage before curtain the modest elderly person has approached to a microphone and has silently said: 'Hello, children.' Some pause was generated and the hall has exhaled captivated in the answer: 'Hello'. Two our heads have moved involuntarily to shoulders, and we have felt somehow absolutely superfluous. The person on a stage was daddy Karlo.

My excitements concerning attention of children to a camera appeared superfluous. It was not interesting for them to look on any there the device. That occured on a stage has grasped them so completely, that for a trifles they had no time.

Buratino young actress Lyudmila Lisova played. It is necessary to say, that while Buratino was absent, this big and noisy class was engaged in the affairs but as soon as he (Buratino) jumped out on a stage, the class instantly became silent and, well knowing a fairy tale, started to be a fan of it, shouting to him that he should do. A scene of watering of a tree became the culmination of this action. And when these, unfortunate cat and the fox have started to show, how they creep behind to Buratino, the hall has lifted such shout of indignation ( and other strong feelings - 'they spy!!!'), Buratino, at last, has not sustained this squeal and footfall and has angrily addressed to a hall: ' Do not shout - a tree not grow!'

In theatrics children's performance takes a special place. Theatricality of fantastic action, simplicity of characters and bright figure of masks, figurativeness give the big open space for creative work of the director and of the theatrical artist. And it is certainly these director's art constructions, the aesthetics of a fairy tale created on a scene stimulate actors (ensemble of actors) to performing creative work. Young (as a rule) actors in theatrical performance for children play with special pleasure and creative rise, mobilizing all personal scenic talent (virtuosity), showing individuality, temperament and improvisation and causing strong reaction of auditorium. Here there is no rating of skill of executors so there is no constraint called by it. Characters and executors: Daddy Karlo - V.V.Sergeev, Buratino - L.I.Lisova, Carabas-Barabas - B.B.Minaev, Duremar - A.V.Karnaushkin, Malvina - I.V.Shchukina, the Pierrot - A.E.Leonov, Colombina - I.Serova, the Harlequin - S.I.Zhitarev, Artemon - J.I.Zelenin, Policemen and Dobermann terriers - A.A.Kargin and V.V.Volodin, the Boy - M.V.Krivosheev, Juzeppe - G.V.Kosteltsev, Fox Alisa - T.B.Zakhava, Cat Basilio - V.V.Rakov, Turtle Tortilla - Kuzmina, the Owner of public house - G.V.Kosteltsev, Bug Bogomol - M.V.Krivosheev, the Toad - E.N.Burova, the Cock - M.V.Krivosheev.


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