Publications. Theatrical album.

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Theatrical album
is show of performances as photos.
Actually subdividing of this section on
the Drama theatre and the Musical theatre in this case is rather conditional. However their various methods of influence on public (and on the photographer including) cardinally distinguish design of theatre, his outlook and, at last, what spectator comes in him. For this reason, probably, and photos have some the different contents...
The section
Art of scenic design is devoted to scenography, to creative work of theatrical artists.

Publications. Theatrical album. Musical theatre.

Publications. Theatrical album. Drama theatre.

Publications. Theatrical album. Art of scenic design.

Publications. Presentation of creativity - Portraits.

Publications. Actors of the soviet and foreign cinema. Postcards (1940 - 1980).

Presentation of creativity /Portraits/. Section shows the creative personality: Canadian skater Toller Cranston, mime Boris Amarantov, actors: Aleksey Konsovsky and Vladimir Osobik, russian painter Nikolay Kalinin and also Collection of postcards of the Soviet actors. Or almost the Soviet...

The best way to get acquainted with the work of theatre directors, actors, artists - to see the performances themselves. Some of them can be downloaded in this section.

Publications. Presentation of creativity - Perfomances.

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Finally a bit of pictures (reportage) in the Photo Gallery.

Publications. Photogallery.

The description of the website:
Here the photo gallery (photo-exhibition) of pictures (photos, photographic images) is presented .
The special place occupies the section Theatrical album (Drama theatre, Musical theatre, Art of scenic design), devoted to the Russian theatre. The photo gallery is devoted , in particular, to scenic play of actors (artistic expressiveness), figurative aesthetic theatrical language of a ballet, opera, drama genre, director's creative work, traditional Russian school of psychological (realistic) theatre (theater) (Stanislavsky system) and choreographic - classical (classic) and modern (for example, style modern) - an aesthetics causing constant spectator interest. It enables the photographer on the basis of the picture story (the reporting, photographing) from auditorium to engage in photoart (art photocreative work), and to the press photographer to become the pictorialist. The drama, ballet (choreography), opera, music - take a significant place in cultural life of Moscow. On the Moscow posters it is possible to find both the big subject forms of performances, and concert programs.


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