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"My Life, or you have dreamt me?.." (To the 100 anniversary of Sergey Yesenin's birth).

Undocumentary history of love and death in 2 parts. The drama performance of the Yermolova Theatre (Moscow). The play by Nonna Golikova. Director Faina Verigina. Theatrical designer - Anastasy Martynova. Composer Jury Saulsky. Premiere has taken place on November, 3, 1995. The photos are made: on 4th of October on 13th of November and on November, 29th, 1996.

Sergey Yesenin - Sergey Bezrukov,
Isadora Duncan - Olga Seleznyova.

On October, 4, 1996
The performance "My Life, or you have dreamt me?.."

Performance about poet Sergey Yesenin - not a rarity in repertoire (repertory) of drama theatres (theaters). The most important here - dramatic art. A subject base of this product - a history of mutual relations of two bright bohemians of 20th years of the last century: Russian poet Sergey Yesenin and the American dancer Isadora Duncan who has arrived to Russia under impression of revolution of October 1917 to build essentially new children's choreographic school. The play demands from spectators all the same some knowledge, for example, about the one who such Isadora Duncan and her revolutionary plastic improvisations (compositions). And about how ruthlessly state political machine with the custom-made ideology breaks off all this confusing sensual ball of sufferings, errors and disappointments. Photographing of actors from auditorium represents the picture story (reporting) during theatrical performance. In black-and-white photos (pictures, photo) are presented portraits of 2 actors (executors) playing main parts in scenic action, and also the genre scene. Characters and executors: Sergey Yesenin - S.Bezrukov, Isadora Duncan - O.Seleznyova, Galina Benislavskaya - N.Kuznetsova, Irma - E.Polyanskaya, Translator - B.Dergun, Artist - O.Filipchik, First poet - B.Mironov, Second poet - A.Kovalyov, Girlfriend of Benislavskaya - E.Mosvkvina-Tarkhanova, Mister A. - V.Pavlov, Missis A. - G.Lavrishcheva, Gipsy - G.Semenenkova.


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