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"Dictatorship of conscience".

Disputes and reflections 86 years.

The drama performance of the Lenkom Theatre (Moscow). The play by Mikhail Shatrov. Produced by Mark Zakharov. Director Jury Makhaev. Scenography by Oleg Sheintsis. Premiere: February, 1986. Photographing: on February, 2, 1988.

The performance "Dictatorship of conscience"
Alexander Sirin and Oleg Yankovsky.
This production is similar performance of an agitation theatre of 20th years (already the last century). Here brief appearances of comical characters are presented: Churchill, the yard-keeper 'from people', the mutilated ideologically teacher, and alongside with the pathetics of positive heroes such, as general Karbyshev, Engels, the normal schoolgirl. There are also ominous figures: Peter Verhovensky from novel of Dostoevsky 'Evil spirits', the revolutionary Hose Marti very much popular in 30th years. Replacing each other, they act on certain the trial. The trial named 'Trial on the Lenin'.

On this page are black-and-white pictures (images) of the actors occupied in drama action. The photo gallery (picture album) represents the picture story performances (statements) (show) on a stage of Russian drama theatre (theater). Under the form is more likely a genre photo, under the contents - the photographic reporting from a place of event (at a theatrical stage), taken off by the photographer. Dialogues and monologues on a forestage of actors and actresses, stage settings, actor's (artistic, performing) art (game, skill, creativity). Language of production is modern stylistics (an aesthetics, style) a revolutionary agitation theatre (propaganda, show), the dramatized political performance of times of the reorganization, marxism - leninism propagandizing ideology. Artistic images (characters, heroes) and an exit from them, acting and pathetics of the modernity, a mask of characters and the person of actors, an expression, creative improvisation, expressiveness, virtuosity. The dramatic art (the scene, a subject psychological line) has enabled in a genre of drama theatre innovatively to approach the director to direction, and director's finds - to offer interesting figures of roles to troupe. This scenic performance became event in cultural life (in the field of culture) of Moscow. Actors: Eugeny Leonov, Tatyana Peltser, Vsevolod Larionov, Elena Fadeyeva, Alexander Abdulov, Oleg Yankovsky, Alexander Zbruev, Nikolay Karachentsov, Boris Nikiforov, Victor Koretsky, Boris Chunaev, Jury Kolychev, Zoya Kuznetsova, Vladimir Belousov, Marina Ignatova, Alexander Sirin, Alexander Zakharova, Elena Stepanova, Tatyana Rudina, Victor Rakov, Tatyana Derbenyova, Andrey Leonov, Tatyana Kravchenko, Jury Naumkin, Tatyana Rudina, Radiy Ovchinnikov, Sergey Stepanchenko, Andrey Druzhkin, Alexander Kargin, Irina Serova, Vladislav Bykov, Vladimir Shiryaev, Gennady Kozlov.


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